A collection of Lacy's Manifestation tools which will give you a formula for connecting with your intentions and the unblocking in your subconscious needed to do so.

If you are new to this work or refreshing your practice, we suggest that you begin with The Formula & Magnetism Video Workshop in order to learn the Manifestation process. Then, work your way through Reparent, Shadow, and No to unlock anything blocked in your subconscious.  

In this 11 video workshop, you will learn Lacy's entire manifestation formula and mini-reprogramming process with personal and client examples. It's a roadmap to your intent.





SUPPORTED is as if a manifestation filmed group lecture/workshop and a podcast had a baby - twice every month - an hour each! Your most pressing questions will dictate the content. You can log in anytime to access any of Lacy's videos, audio & transcribed answers. It's like having a school syllabus and lectures archive right at your fingertips. 


Classes that go into the depths of your subconscious in order to unblock your limiting beliefs and expand your structure of beliefs to clear space for your Manifested subjects to connect with you. in-depth reprogramming processes specific to each area of the subconscious. UNBLOCKED IS AN ONGOING collection of mini-DIGITAL WORKSHOPs ADDRESSING AND SHIFTING DEEP-ROOTED BLOCKS THAT ARE INHIBITING OUR MANIFESTATION SUBJECTS FROM MATERIALIZING. I’VE CREATED THIS OFFERING FOR MY COMMUNITY seeking DEEPER, CONSISTENT, GUIDED WORK - ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE THAT AREN'T FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO WORK WITH ME AT THIS TIME. THIS SERIES OF CLEARINGS ARE COMPRISED OF THE MOST FREQUENT, UNIVERSAL AND LARGEST BLOCKS THAT I DETECT AMONGST MY CLIENTS.


We manifest from the structure of beliefs picked up between the ages of 0-14. This will go deep into Reprogramming our limiting beliefs imprinted in childhood in order to step into our subconscious magnetism. 8 days



What we don't own, owns us and blocks our manifestations on a subconscious level. Here, we detect missing aspects of self and Integrate at the deepest level for our magnetic projection. 10 days




Money is simply energy. You'll learn the energetic formula behind it and the steps to discovering your unique magnetic abundance. 5 days





We communicate our self-worth based on what we are willing to "accept" in our lives. If they make us small, we are dimming our magnetism. Time to take inventory on where we need to clear space, and how. 5 days


Unblocked Partnership.png

Anyone is capable of manifesting their partner if they are in their expansive subconscious and conscious worth. Learn the actions, inventory, and energetics that it takes to do so. 


UNBLOCKED digital workshops are dedicated to unblocking what's standing in the way of your manifestations. Though we will touch briefly on how each theme is directly affecting certain aspects of Manifestation, this class won't cover the manifestation formula. For offerings dedicated to the process of manifestation, or more personalized work, you’ll want to look into a Manifestation Sessions and THE FORMULA & MAGNETISM VIDEO WORKSHOP.



Hi Lacy!

I just wanted to share something really cool that happened! I believe I am expanding and saw real life evidence today. Some car repairs came up unexpectedly recently and today I received a check in the mail that is going to cover 80% of it! So excited and so grateful.

I am happy the UNBLOCKED and hard work I’ve been doing are starting to pay off. Also, very grateful for you. xo
— UNBLOCKED Reparent

Just thought I would share that a few short hours after doing this DI I found out that a large bill I had looming was settled and required no payment and I received an unexpected raise at work. This stuff works—can’t wait to keep digging into it!

I found you bc of GJ, and since that day in October and when you released the Unblocked, I have been studying everything you put out like it’s a full-time job.
This is what I did:

I read almost every blog post you have written. I wrote copious notes from your work that resonated with me and would read it every night and every morning as my reminder. Like my bible.

I do your DIs every day, sometimes twice a day, morning and night. I have been unblocking myself vigorously and writing in my journal.

I also wrote in my journal exactly how you did one of your lists from your blog post. I almost wrote it exactly but put in my three basic desires. Work, home & love. Well, 2 out of the three came in this week!

HOLY SHIT! freaking out! How could this all happen in the same week?!

And this is what happened:

What it seems like out of thin air, the two most amazing career opportunities came up in the exact field of work I’ve been wanting to do for almost a year. They both want to hire me!
And to boot, a new place to live that was a complete YES!

I am deeply grateful for your work.
I know that it is EXACTLY due to the work I did to unblock parts of my childhood that allowed me to step into my worth and finally walk towards the new career I’ve been dreaming about for years. But I was always too afraid and felt not smart enough and not Worthy.

Now, I totally feel Magnetic!

Like you said, I feel like I asked for the exact life I wanted, and it showed up...almost effortlessly.
My mind is blown!

Sorry for the long email.
But I really wanted you to know, I took your work seriously and made it happen.
thank you thank you thank you!

Wow. This unblocked is filling holes in my upbringing I never thought possible. Replacing sadness with joy and resentment with love. I cry during every journey, this is so powerful! I am so grateful for this opportunity to become my WHOLE self. ❤️

Omg, every day, I think to myself...thank goodness you came into this world doing this work.
THIS IS BY FAR, THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES sense to me in terms of manifestation.
I have been doing your DI’s almost every day and will keep doing it until it expires. I Love doing them.
Things are shifting in my life, work, home, and love. I have Never EVER felt so strong and worthy.
Honestly, it’s because of this work.
I will report back again soon.

That was really cool, that was some awesome tunnelling into my self. I definitely got to the core of some blocks. Was so cool to see what memories came up that impressed these blocked ways of thinking upon my self.
I have gained clarity on this stuff quite a bit over the last ten years but never from this perspective and not with the stream of high school memories that I just received, I feel really clean and clear.
Very awesome, thanks Lacy ya mega babe xoxox

Lacy, I can’t thank you enough. My husband and I signed up for the Money workshop together after I raved and raved over Reparenting. It’s been nothing short of amazing. This past week since Monday has been an incredible unfolding. Following a very slight ping resulted in a wave of incredible serendipity and meeting expanders in person. I’ve tried so many routes to healing, including hypnosis. Your Reparenting workshop has allowed me to heal so deeply, so quickly and brought more peace to my soul than I thought possible. Life feels new. My breathing has deepened and I feel a deep sense of peaceful calm. Beyond grateful to have stumbled upon your work one recent evening on Instagram.
— UNBLOCKED Opulence

I am so grateful for this, Lacy! I feel like the door is about to burst wide open for me and I am so excited, and scared, but mostly excited. Thank you for sharing your gifts to help me fully step into mine.
— UNBLOCKED Opulence

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving the link for CAREER TRANSITION! It’s exactly what I needed (I asked about it in Day 2). This workshop was so incredible (I uncovered one of the biggest financial blocks of my life—a pattern that kept repeating since I was young).
— UNBLOCKED Opulence