A look at what's no longer serving us.

Now that we've gotten a good look at what we want and where we are headed from a subconscious soul space, it’s time to take inventory on what is not serving us in our surroundings. This means looking at how we are settling and what's validating us. This is a major inventory check, so go deep and get HONEST. Go with your first gut answers and instincts.



Cover your eyes and listen. Very dim lighting can be more impactful for these meditations. Note that you are simply going from a beta state into alpha or theta, otherwise known as hypnosis or deep meditation. You needn't worry about static noise or outside noises as you will be fully aware, and once you're in the theta state, your subconscious will take direction, absorbing the information, and creating new neural pathways. The volume will be different for everyone’s devices, so simply plug in your earphones and find a volume comfortable for you.


Take 15 minutes to write about any details that came up or details that were meaningful during your Deep Imagining. Then move on to the next eight questions from this state of emotion and energy. Get honest!



Answer the following sets of questions from the exact emotional space you're in after the Deep Imagining.  


CIRCLE • We are the product of the 8 people we spend the most amount of time around, whether that's physically in person or energetically from afar.

List these people in your journal.

Can you trust them implicitly?

Are they emotionally safe for you? Do they support you? Do they value your beliefs and dreams?

Can you fully and completely be yourself around them and be seen entirely?

Would they be there for you emotionally, financially, energetically if you were in need?

Do they respect your boundaries?

On a scale of 1-10, list how each makes you FEEL. Gut instinct. Don’t allow low self-worth beliefs and wavering to get in the way. If you list any under an 8, add them to your “blocks” list. (don't worry, in a couple of days we'll address what energetic or verbal communication,  or actions, need to take place)


PERSONA • Looking at the “self.”

What are three things that validate you and make you feel most cool and worthy? Get as superficial and honest as possible!

If you were to really get down to your core, what three things do you believe draw people to you? Are they inside of you or outside of you? Are they from an empowered or over-giving place? Only you can be honest with yourself here!

What would your life look like if today these six things were totally robbed of you by injury, money, scandal or crisis?

Do these six things completely align with the version of yourself you saw in yesterday’s “self” meditation? If the answer is “no” or superficially outside of you (to any), add those to your “blocks” list now.


Be gentle on yourself tonight. An Epsom salt bath, a hand on the heart accepting everything that you are, or confiding in a friend or support group are all ways to practice self-care if needed. Keep chugging along.

This is a safe community, created to encourage communication between each other and to share experiences. Please leave questions and comments below for your fellow friends to respond based on their personal experience. Constructive and nurturing feedback only. For more connection, head over to the growing Secret Society Manifestation Facebook Group! Lacy will not be answering comments or questions or navigating your personal circumstances. Those can be done in a session.

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