One last day of honest clarity.



Do the following heart-opening exercise and then complete the questions immediately following.

Sit on a chair. Feet on the ground. Close your eyes. Place your palms on your thighs. Focus on your breath. Now visualize drawing up red energy from the earth through your left leg, your root chakra, and down your right leg. With your next breath, visualize red energy coming through your right leg now, through your root chakra, and down your left leg. Do it a couple of times until that chakra feels cleansed, bright, and strong. Now repeat that same step with orange through your second chakra, yellow through your third, green through your fourth, blue through your throat, purple through your forehead, and white over the top of your head. (If chakras aren't your thing, visualize water running down your whole body or warm golden liquid).

Once you’ve finished with the colors and chakras, place your left hand on your heart and envision it opening up and accepting all the pain it has ever felt. I want you to take a moment to silently say “I love you for ___________” (anything you are feeling). This can be, "I love you for being scared then. I love you for not having the words. I love you for being brave to take that chance, I love you for being ignored, I love you for needing a deeper connection." Whatever caused you pain in what's coming up for you in this moment. Do this for a few minutes to get into your heart space and move on to answering the next few questions.  


You successfully have your heart open, so you'll answer each of these questions from this open-hearted state.


Do my boss and co-workers respect me?

Do my clients/customers respect me? Do I attract the clients I want?

Am I paid my value and worth? Do I ask for my value and worth?

Is my role clearly defined? Am I getting promoted/growing in my work the way I want to?

Am I following my dreams and passion?

Am I getting what I want out of my work?



Does my home reflect the area, space, and energy that I want to (believably) be living in at this point and time? Even if on a smaller scale, does it reflect the version of me that I saw in meditation on day one?   

Am I living in the city that I want to be living in?



Am I valued and respected, or being used?

Am I receiving the commitment that I want or settling/selling myself short?

Does my partner respect my needs when I communicate them clearly?

Am I seen and celebrated?



If you’ve answered “No” to any of these questions, I want you to add them to your "block" list. Tomorrow, we'll finally dig into what these blocks mean and uncover them before moving onto day 5 where we learn the energetics and tools around “NO.”

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