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It's important to re-highlight. 

Everything happening outside of you is a mirror of what you're projecting from subconscious beliefs.

NO = I will no longer accept what I’ve been accepting.

I will no longer project from a place of low self-worth.

I will trust in the Universe that once I shift or leave this current dynamic, it will fill the space.

I will create boundaries and/or pivot out of unhealthy relationships and situations.


No is mostly energy. Let’s break it down.

When it comes to communicating NO to The Universe, creating the most situational magnetism that there is, it’s imperative to note that you are actually communicating it through three different ways: verbally, through energetics, and through actions. Understand that verbal and actions are only temporary situational magnetism, leaving you open to attract in a new similar version as you've had before.

Shifting energetics creates long-lasting magnetism. 

It’s even more important to note that you aren’t actually communicating these directly to The Universe at all. It’s through verbal, energetics, and actions with other people, objects or situations that you indirectly communicate with The Universe.


Verbally setting boundaries and communicating your needs. No longer settling for dynamics that don’t feel good. Verbal activates magnetism, but allows the same dynamics to re-appear in a different form and situation since the root-blocked unlovable beliefs didn’t shift.


Imago dialogue (use within intimate relationships)

Crucial Conversations

Boundaries (there is a strong religious tone to this one. If that doesn’t resonate, just let those bits go; however, it’s incredible for really learning what is yours, what is someone else’s, and what to do about it).


Distancing, removing or fearlessly leaving dynamics in which you are treated poorly, abused (energetically, emotionally, verbally, or physically), or undervalued, creates the most situational magnetism. It communicates that you will no longer settle for it anymore. This is when things just start magnetizing to you because you have communicated through your actions (energy) to The Universe that you will value yourself and that you are worth more.


Without a session, only you can gauge what situations and relationships you must leave or distance, and the standards you must no longer accept. Everyone is different and in different places.

If it feels like a big event, make a 6 month map with actions steps to take and set deadlines.

Get support.

Take the leap of faith if it’s something new to try. Put yourself out there.

Anytime you feel your edge of fear, know that what’s on the other side, once you pass it, is PURE situational magnetism. Always. Watch the things you’ve been wanting begin to just start appearing.


Shifting the beliefs/un-lovability in which you are projecting from, creates longevity in magnetism. This ensures that the same dynamics stop showing up in your life in different forms, situations, crisis or relationships.

When you change the place you project from, everything outside of you changes. Everything interacts with you differently. You cannot be the victim, for only you and your beliefs can allow you to be victimized and preyed upon. (day four should have shown you how subconscious these are and how many beliefs are projecting from old-limiting beliefs)


Yesterday should have shown you how many of the things you need to say no to, are patterns that you continue to attract from childhood. Over and over again. Because of this, I suggest that EVERYONE work through UNBLOCKED Reparent as it deals solely with this concept, along with some DEEP neuroplasticity work. It is the most important aspect to manifestation, as we manifest from the structure of belief that we picked up during the ages of 0-14 that are still looping. You got to see that! 

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