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Looking at blocks

Everything comes into your life to mirror what needs shifting inside of you to help you grow.

Mirrors come in the form of great loves, acquaintances, jobs, bosses, opportunities, family, and more. When we “think positive,” “change our frown to a smile,” and spiritually bypass what’s not feeling good, we aren’t rising to the friction that’s been placed in front of us. We’re not digging deep, we’re not getting to the root, and we’re not shifting it, so we can expand as humans and elevate to exist in a whole way. Therefore, we’re not attracting better things in alignment with what we want.

Even when you are aligned with your manifestations, you’re going to still be met with new lessons and growth. That is the natural rhythm we were put on the earth to experience. To become whole and live in confidence, true to our most authentic selves.

From relationships to opportunities, manifestation is all energetics. When you continue to orbit in the relationships, experiences, or dynamics that don’t feel good and don’t align with your authentic self, you are communicating very clearly to The Universe that you don’t feel worthy of what you want. Tomorrow, we are going to learn the energetics, actions and tools around clear communication with The Universe regarding "No" and recalibrating, but today we must get to the root of why we’ve attracted these blocks into our lives. For not only are we settling in these dynamics physically, but we very much attracted them from subconscious loops of unlovability.



Re-examining each thing on your “blocks” list, answer the questions below in-depth for each item. I want you to journal why you are in this dynamic or relationship. Don’t stop at superficial things like, “not enough money,” “actively looking for the next one,” or “it’s hard dating in this city.” Those are excuses and not truths when it comes to manifestation. Dig and ask the deeper root questions:

In what way do I believe that I’m not worthy of love in this particular area of my life or with this person?

What do I need most from this person or situation? (i.e. respect, to be seen fully, acceptance, communication, equality, love, affection, safety, to be heard, security, appreciation…)

Who did I need that from most (the need from question 2) in childhood, adolescence, and early twenties? Was it a particular parent, teachers, friends, peers, relatives? (get specific on why they made you feel like you needed it)

Did I share a similar dynamic with the person in question 3 that I share with this current person or situation?

Can I trace back to a memory where this need was very apparent, specific, and painful?

Why do I shrink, settle, and stay small in this area of my life or relationship? Where did I pick that up from?

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