Saying No


It's time to say no to the things keeping you small.

These five days should have brought you some pretty condensed clarity on the things you need to start saying NO to. You’ve learned that you can say it in three different ways (words, actions, or energetics). Your intuition should have a pretty clear understanding of which type of NO to use for each block on your list. Some need all three ways of NO, while others just one or two. Some require you to distance yourself (actions) while you work on yourself (energetics). Some require a deep and honest conversation (words), while others simply energetics. Another might be a hard goodbye (actions). Some may be a looooong goodbye (actions) while you shift your beliefs (energetics).

Whatever the course of action you take for each, know that from this point on, you must say NO to anything that isn’t feeling good. You must dig and find out the root as to why, and you must use your energy to firmly accept nothing less than what you are worth! Then reap the benefits of situational or long-term magnetism!


REPARENT • If you detected blocks stemming from your childhood, it's time to rework them here.

SHADOW • If you've found there are areas of low self-worth in which you're hiding, it's time to work those here.

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