For Your Day-To-Day Unblocking

Included in the HOW TO MANIFEST workshop 

The UNBLOCKED™ Daily Reprogramming Exercise is a daily tool that is centered around supporting your manifestation practice on a daily basis. In this tool, you’ll learn all about the energetics of reprogramming while applying these learnings to daily triggers.

Includes access for 12 weeks. For unlimited access see our Pathway Membership below.


2 Days of Workshop Content

8 Journal Prompts

2 Hypnotic Deep Imaginings  

Community support in comment section

30-60 minutes of content for each workshop day

Unlimited access


This exercise is for everyone & anyone that has not already purchased How to Manifest (it is the same exercise).


The exercise is meant for your continued daily unblocking and reprogramming practice. For three months, you should expect to dedicate at least 20 minutes to this practice 4-7 days a week as you listen to the Deep Imaginings and work through the journal prompts. Afterward, you’ll move on to 2-3 days a week for maintenance, or to manage new targeted triggers and patterns showing up in your life.

Access at anytime that is convenient for you! All you need is your digital device, journal, pen and earphones



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It’s so interesting too how I’ve worked through F&M, Opulence, and Shadow. But specifically doing the DRE while I integrate all the work, my aspects of self, tests, and lessons has been the most healing. I’m finally seeing/feeling the light as I’ve had in the past (prior to landing into this difficult year of lessons) Just like this unblocker I am a great manifestor and “falling off” was a gift to do the work. I also think following the PING to read this post is the Universe telling me it’s going to be better 🙏🏼✨
— Unblocker MONEY, shadow, F&M & dre

It is mind-blowing to see the results, the peace, and to know that we have to go deeper, and sometimes it takes weeks or even more to acknowledge that. Now I am so happy about this aspect (I did shadow work on this too) and I have peace. Thank you people and Lacy for everything <3
— unblocker INNER CHILD, MONEY, shadow, no, f&m, supported & DRE

I have been working through the DI, recently got ahold of the F+M, have really been calling in clients that align with my creativity and will allow me to help build their businesses through amazing brand development and social media management AND THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.
I have one more client meeting this week and am sending out two proposal this evening as it’s just after midnight here.
And I feel that the work I am doing now is actually fulfilling because it’s HELPFUL. To me and to my clients.
I went through a long period of magic dark. There was hunger, frustration, and struggle. Developing my own business hasn’t been easy, nor do I think that it will become easy.. I think I found out what I have been struggling for.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. And I just wanted to share some gratitude and some success.
Seriously in shock.
Shoutout to the amazing humans here creating a community where everyone can feel apart of instead of separate than. These are the kinds of communities that build the foundation for a better life.
— unblocker shadow, f&M, dre & supported

I have to say that this daily meditation is life changing and so helpful in every way. I am to a point where I am not even caring about manifesting anything and am just focusing on getting to the root of my personal fears and phobias. I’m not at a point where I am ready to manifest but I’m on a roll and unlocking all of these things that have been hidden for years and years.
This daily reprogram + therapy has helped me to find some peace from past trauma. It’s a very freeing exercise.
— Unblocker INNER CHILD & dre

I had been so wishy-washy and stuck in confusion and not 100% about the focus of my business. What’s different now is that I have been reprogramming that wishy-washiness. I traced back where I think it came from and, truly, what a game changer. Going into the DRE to soothe and comfort the overwhelmed, confused, and alone little me and support her moving forward feels so different than just avoiding what is scary and new because I’m an introvert. I also put on my list for the Universe to give me backbone and bravery to keep moving forward. Really thankful for these tools! ✨✨✨
— unblocker shadow, F&M & DRE

Some pretty awesome/crazy things have been happening lately and I think it’s due to my recent meditation practice along with doing the Unblocked work.

I’ve been wanting to have a more creative job for years now. I’ve had jobs as a graphic designer that weren’t fulfilling enough but since I wasn’t aware of everything there was, I was blocked in my own mind about my capabilities.

However, I’ve always loved to draw. But from a young age my mom kind of let it be known that she didn’t think what I was doing was good. Not in a terribly mean way, but I remember showing her something I did once and she made a comment about how the lines were too thin.

Last May I decided to say fuck it and made an Instagram acct to post my doodles. I started doing the unblocked work 4 months ago and realized that my moms critique was what I heard every time I posted something. Once I realized that was imprinted on me, it was easy to disregard it and move forward and just do what I like to do. Fast forward to a month ago and someone commissioned me to illustrate on their store front!

After that, I had someone reach out to me about illustrating a custom logo, another person reached out about designing her wedding invitations, and a few days ago someone saw my window illustrations and they want me to paint the windows where they work, which is a rehabilitation hospital ❤️

I feel so incredibly happy and I honestly owe A LOT of this to the unblocked work. Once I realized I had these ideas in my head that I based my choices on that I could essentially erase and re-write, it was game over.
I just want to let everyone know who is trying to manifest something and it’s not coming to them to really dig deep. Dig down to find what’s really holding you back and it will come to you ❤️
— unblocker dre