Can I cancel my membership?

No. With a 6 month or year-long membership, you are committed to that full time period from your purchase date. No refunds or exceptions will be made.

I already own a workshop(s). Will I lose lifetime access to those if I subscribe to The Pathway?


I already own a workshop(s), can I get a discount on my membership?


I read that the a la carte workshops expire after 12 weeks, I already had a workshop/some of the workshops, am I going to lose those after 12 weeks now?


How long do I have access to the workshops in the pathway membership?

For as long as you’re a member, you’ll have access to all of the included workshops.

I am already a supported member, how do I change my subscription to this one so I’m not paying twice?

Simply join The Pathway Membership and cancel your other Supported plan.

Can lacy answer my personal manifestation questions if I comment in the workshops?

Lacy is only answering questions in Supported. Please submit your questions there.

Is there a free trial option?

No, we do not offer a free trial option. We suggest purchasing an a la carte tool to try out the work if you’re undecided on a membership.

I purchased a 6 or 12 month membership, can I upgrade to lifetime access?

Yes, please email us at Please note we will not discount the $1500 amount for lifetime access.

I already have all of the workshops, should I still join the pathway?

Absolutely! We will be releasing new items in the membership, as well as special discounts, early access to events, and additional perks to help you do the work.

I am brand new to this work, can I still sign up for a membership?

Absolutely! Check out the Start Here page for good roadmaps on how to approach the work depending on what you’re looking to manifest.

Can I buy one month to try it out?

No, at this time, we only have 6 or 12-month commitment options. We suggest purchasing an a la carte tool to try out the work if you’re undecided on a membership

Do I need wi-fi to do the workshops or can I download them?

You need wi-fi. The workshops are not downloadable at this time. (except the Roadmap PDFs)

I want to make sure that unblocked is only digital? I don’t have to be anywhere in person?

Yep, everything is remote and can be accessed from your device of choice (iPad, Computer, cell).

I’m not exactly clear on what I’m manifesting, can I still sign up?

Absolutely, the more you unblock and raise your self-worth, the more clear you’ll become.

I fall asleep during the D.I.’s?

I suggest sitting up in a chair when doing them if you’re prone to falling asleep.

Nothing is coming up for me during the d.I.’s. I’m always wandering?**

You will have a more powerful and clear experience if you do them when your nervous system is quite relaxed. After an Epsom salt bath, a meditation, a nap, or a massage. When you’re not as stimulated and in your head.

My payment failed and my access was cancelled. What should I do?**

Update your payment method and then please send us an email at (please update payment BEFORE you email in.)

I didn’t use my membership this month. Can I extend a month?**


Can I do more than one unblocked workshop at a time?

Absolutely! Be sure to space your time out and do the work of one in the morning and the other in the evening