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UNCONSCIOUS DEEP IMAGINING REPROGRAMMING • When we are in a theta or alpha state (hypnotic), our subconscious mind comes forward. This part of the mind is where the old programming and loops live. When our subconscious mind is forward, it can’t distinguish between reality vs. not reality. Therefore, when we show our subconscious a new memory or way of “being,” it believes that to be the truth. This creates a new neuron. When we take the new way of being, and walk it through different old memories to heal and reprogram, this creates new neural pathways. After we do that enough times (reinforce through repetition), this process allows the new neural pathways to connect, circuit, and fire together. Once that happens, the old beliefs and loops die off and your brain begins looping on these new beliefs (neural pathways). This is how one starts to project from their ultimate magnetic state.

DURATION • I reprogram daily to connect the new neural pathways I’m targeting and to ensure that the old pathways are dying off. However, at first I ask clients to reprogram 4-7 days a week for THREE MONTHS.  After that, you can move on to 2-3 times a week for maintenance or when dealing with new targeted triggers and patterns showing up in your life.


1. Begin with the first DI, so you explore and find your magnetic self. You only need to do this once to discover your magnetic self; however, feel free to revisit whenever you'd like for re-discovery.

2. Once you are comfortable with this magnetic self, move on to the journal prompts, followed by the second DI to target specific memories, needs, and self-worth that came up during your journaling.


1. Use the journal prompts daily. You will bring in the subject of something triggering you on that day. This trigger can be anything and does not have to be associated with what you are manifesting. These prompts are simply a way to start finding the root of your daily blocks – anything bringing you shame, pain, jealousy, insecurity, or less-than. This will be the subject you will focus on below. Note that you can address a few subjects a day if you'd like, and you needn't focus on the same one over and over again unless you feel the need to go deeper.

2. Your daily practice will go as such:

a. Bring to mind the trigger that you're focusing on for the day.

b. Walk it through the questions below to find the memory and root of where you picked it up.

c. Take it through the second DI. Your objective during the DI is to get to the memory, get a healing, and re-envision a magnetic outcome that allows your magnetic self to feel confident and worthy.



i. In what way do I believe that I’m not worthy of love in this particular area of my life or with this person?

ii. What do I need most from this person or situation? (i.e. respect, to be seen fully, acceptance, communication, equality, love, affection, safety, to be heard, security, appreciation…)

iii. Who did I need that from most (the need from question 2) in childhood, adolescence, and early twenties? Was it a particular parent, teachers, friends, peers, relatives? (get specific on why they made you feel like you needed it)

iv. Did I share  a similar dynamic with the person in question 3 that I share with this current person or situation?

v. Can I trace back to a memory where this need was very apparent, specific, and painful?

vi. Why do I shrink, settle, and stay small in this area of my life or relationship? Where did I pick that up from?



For a digital transcript of this audio, click here

Based on feedback we received from the community, we recorded a newer version of the Daily Reprogramming Exercise (above). The recording below is the original DRE if you'd like to use that one instead. Use whichever one allows you deeper reprogramming.

For a digital transcript of this audio, click here


Now, I'd like you to create an action plan. One goal or change you are going to take in your daily life to deepen the integration of the magnetic alternative that you just saw in your DI. 


i. Listen with fresh ears and allow new memories, experiences, and people to come forward each time.

ii. You may notice that you’re falling asleep often. This is perfectly normal. I suggest doing it sitting up in a chair with your eyes covered.

iii. Covering your eyes allows you to go deeper, as will a nervous system relaxing ritual beforehand, like an Epsom salt bath.

iv. Always trust whatever your subconscious is showing you. It will still upheave precisely what is meant to be worked on in connection with what is going on for you. If it isn’t showing you anything, just sit and breathe through it until it does.

v. Take good care of yourself, for you will be having a lot of emotional (and sometimes physical) release. Epsom salt baths, inward reflection, massage, resting and knowing that everything will eventually pass can be helpful. Support from a friend, 12-step group, therapist, or spiritual group is also helpful when a lot comes up.


Now, I'd like you to create an action plan. One goal or change you are going to take in your daily life to deepen the integration of the magnetic alternative that you just saw in your DI. 

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