Finding Expanders


Seeing is believing.

Much of the manifestation literature that circulates out there stresses this equation: know what you want, visualize it, stay positive/get rid of negative thoughts, and you will attract it. And then nothing happens...or very little...or small things happen every once in a while, but definitely not all the time. It is because manifestation relies 95% on our subconscious belief system. That’s why you read on here over and over again, “if you have low self-worth (in ratio to the subject you're calling in), then your belief system for what you deserve is very minimal. Therefore, you are blocked from attracting what you desire."

Say you're calling in the partner you desire, but you’ve never had a serious relationship. The beliefs you hold surrounding the  reality that you could have this partner or this relationship are subconsciously non-existent. I can guarantee it. Otherwise, vibrationally,  the partner/relationship would naturally attract. So, sitting there with your eyes closed visualizing this person and relationship until you’re blue in the face isn’t going to do much.

You must go out into the world and find your Expanders – also known as a “Seeing is Believing.”  That means going out into the world and finding a person similar to you who is in the type of relationship you desire. Because people with low self-worth are quite smart and savvy and tend to find ways to talk themselves down (“oh well, she’s beautiful so no wonder. Or she’s wealthy, or thin or smarter or…”), it’s important that you find someone with a similar feel to you, look, socioeconomic status, etc. You’ll know you’ve found your perfect Expander because you’ll have the “ah-ha” moment: “Oh if they have that, I can have this too.” When you hear those thoughts, you’ll know you’ve just expanded.

Now your belief system has shifted. Your subconscious has seen that it exists, so now it can 100% happen for you. Sometimes people need two versions or three different types of expanders until they believe it.

I have countless examples of these stories ranging from partners to mentors, finances, clothes, and opportunities. The same rings true for my clients.

My Manifestation process isn't thought-based. It is 100% belief-based. If you want the subject you're manifesting to show up, you must create space for it by expanding the subconscious-belief that you deserve and can have it.

You can find Expanders anywhere: social media, films, stories, hearing about other people's experiences or stories, etc. The most potent are from personal relationships. You'll know you've expanded when you have the "ah ha" moment.


Cover your eyes and listen. Very dim lighting can be more impactful for these meditations. Note that you are simply going from a beta state into alpha or theta, otherwise known as hypnosis or deep meditation. You needn't worry about static noise or outside noises as you will be fully aware, and once you're in the theta state, your subconscious is already taking direction, absorbing the information, and creating new neural pathways. The volume will be different for everyone’s devices, so simply plug in your earphones and find a volume comfortable for you.

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Journal who your expanders are! Call them in on your list the same way you'd manifest a partner. What action steps can you take right now to start seeking out expanders (see below)?


Show your subconscious what's possible.

What inspires us about others is the mirror of our capacity and capability. Therefore, when we become entranced by an actor in a movie or character in a book, or we obsess over a public figure, someone on social media, or someone that we admire in our daily lives, we are actually recognizing aspects of ourselves (denied or unmet) that we have yet to integrate. They are inviting us to grow into this potential. We are witnessing our potential greater than where we currently are and where we are capable of going.

Have you ever encountered a mentor – maybe IRL, on social media, or in the public’s eye – and you became so  transfixed by them? By the way they dress, carry themselves, live their lives, delegate business, admire their relationship, their respect for the world, the way they speak? Maybe you even have the same sex or opposite sex crush (both platonic and or sexual)? It’s as if they are so much like you or who you aspire to be? And then later down the road you notice in hindsight that you've acquired the same possessions that once inspired you about them, or that you have a partner that was just like them, or a job, lifestyle...etc? It's because they showed your subconscious that it was possible ; therefore, you created space to begin attracting those things.

Make sure that the eight people you surround yourself with already have the success and abundance you want (especially in the field or like the field you're interested in making this money from). Why is it so important to be surrounded by what you want? It's because your brain will unconsciously register the specific approachable ways the people around you achieved what they have. Your brain will then believe that it’s possible for you (expanding the limited structure of beliefs through childhood to create space for your manifestations to land). Literally, seeing is believing.

This goes for social media, TV, books you’re reading, etc. Anything that is sinking into your subconscious has the potential to expand it. TV is an incredible place for expanders because you’re already in a hypnotic state while you're watching it; therefore, it’s sinking into your subconscious much quicker. The same goes for reading. Watch shows or documentaries with the people who already have monetary success doing the things you aspire to do.

The quickest way to expand is through interpersonal relationships and mentorship. For example, if what you desire is financial success in the job that is your passion, ask your expanders if you can intern for them. Or  if you're calling in partnership, begin to spend more times around the couples who have the relationship dynamic you desire.

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Here is an expander share from one of my regular clients!

“Dear TBM community,

I have been developing my Manifestation skills with Lacy's help for a year and a half, and I have found many expanders along the way. I want to share more about how they showed up for me.

First, I highly recommend taking a closer look at the people we surround ourselves with. Or rather, taking a different look at them. Chances are, some expanders are already gravitating around us. When I was finishing my masters' degree and preparing to enter public service, I realized I wasn't living my dream. I felt very lost and depressed at first. I couldn't see any other option, but I still promised myself that I wouldn't follow this career path. And I started to see things very differently right away, including this friend of mine, who had just launched (with great success) her own start-up. In our freshman year, her initial plan was to become a judge! She was right there, waiting for me to witness her transition so that I could do the same. A few months later, I found my current job in a startup.

Another thing I would suggest is to be open to gaining clarity through expanders. We may be willing to expand our beliefs around one thing, with a specific idea of how this thing should look, and we may miss what we are actually looking for. This just happened to me. I have been looking for successful artist expanders over the last six months, but my scope of the search was very narrow (visual artists using drawing as their main medium). Again, I ended up letting go of the result to The Universe. And my expanders showed up but as writers and editors! A friend of mine invited me to the launch party of the coolest independent magazine, created by three women who are barely older than me. I realized that most of the famous people who inspire me are writers or editors. Writing was also one of my favorite thing to do as a child, and I have zero shadow/blocks around it. Words could be my first medium and allow me to get closer to what I truly want to do. And there's paper and a pen involved ;)

What I also recommend, when feeling a bit discouraged, is to Google what you need to see. It's not as powerful as a famous expander or one I know personally, but it'll strengthen my trust muscle and help me go through discouragement.

Also, expanders don't have to be the full package. For instance, when I was looking for my apartment, I stayed at a great Airbnb. It was not my list, but the owner told me that he had found his dream apartment by subletting, sleeping on friends' couches, renting Airbnbs... I realized I could do the same: not settle until I had found mine. And my apartment came, after 3 months of incredible subletting deals (60 square meters for a third of the normal price in the heart of Paris, for instance).

Whenever I think, "Oh, I could have my own version of this," I know I have found an expander. And I don't second guess it.

I wish us all to find the expanders we need, and to have fun in doing so!” 

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