Getting Concise & Believable


Fine-tuning our manifestations.

Common manifestation information circling on the market can focus far too much on macro intentions. I often have to recalibrate my clients’ thinking around this.

SIX MONTHS • A macro intention is something like a five-year plan. It's beautiful and powerful to be lucky enough to be clear on what that is; however, keeping your focus on a major goal that's quite far away will get you in trouble when it comes to manifestation. Therefore, it’s imperative to call in subjects that you can believably receive within the next six to nine months.

 CORE WANTS & NEEDS • This brings me to the second rule of this notion. Yes, you must manifest with the next six months as a time frame, but even more importantly, you must ask for believable core wants! I’ll sit down with clients that are requesting one thing, and after digging around a little together, I’ll realize that they don’t subconsciously believe they can have it, for they haven't expanded into it yet. My formula surrounding manifestation isn’t thought- based; it’s subconscious belief-based. You can think about something until you’re blue in the face, but it won’t show up if you have limiting beliefs surrounding what you’re calling in, so you must expand it and UNBLOCK your limits (more on this soon).

Next, asking from the core is everything, so leave out the fluff. Heart wants/needs are merely what you need to be happy with the subject you’re manifesting. If it’s a relationship, leave out fluffy stuff. Ask for the things that would be absolute deal breakers if the subject didn’t possess those qualities.


Double check your subject right now to make sure that it's believable within the next 6-9 months.

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Lacy Phillips