Your Roadmap From The Universe


The 'do this' moments you get out of nowhere.

You can call them pings, downloads, intuition, whatever you’d like! They are the divine hits of ideas, knowings, inspiration, and answers you get out of nowhere. They simply flow right through you and show up strong. This is literally The Universe communicating with you, showing you where to go, what to do, or giving you answers. It is important to ALWAYS say yes to them. If you get a ping that says, “go to Whole Foods at 10p to get Epsom salt,” go. If it’s a new idea, follow it. If it’s an answer, don’t second guess it. These are the most important communications to follow – especially when you are manifesting. The more you honor them, the more often they come and the stronger they get.

They are your authentic flow, the path to follow, and steps to take daily. Are you tapping in and listening to them? What has brought me the quickest results and success in my career is following the pings I get. Now, I only rely on them to guide me. I never write a blog story unless it’s been “pinged” to me. Essentially they're channeled through me. I never begin a new social media campaign, or a new blog series, or anything new unless it's been pinged to me.

They determine my travels, my next body of work, even the bar I went to on a specific night that I didn't want to go to where I met my ex. They are what told me to accept the BBQ invite of a very old friend I had lost contact with. Though I normally would have said no, it's where I met my fiancé. They're the clues that urged me to start this blog. You get the point.

Pings come in the form of quick little downloads that show you, “do this.” They are light quick flashes, sometimes only clues, that you simply have to say “yes” to. No matter how scary, tired or lazy, this is literally your path to magnetizing success. It couldn’t be simpler. When you ask The Universe for guidance, LISTEN to all pings; they will light the way.

They are ESPECIALLY important for those of you who don't have clarity as to exactly what you want to call in. These are the clues that will tell you the essence of what to put on your list.


Have you received pings regarding your subject? Think now, little clues? if so, write them down and map out how and when you are going to act on them over the next six months. Keep a journal of them to continue revisiting.

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Lacy Phillips