Introducing Reprogramming


Integration explained.

CO-CREATORS • Everything in our lives is a result of what we are projecting from old subconscious beliefs picked up in childhood and our adolescence. We are continually co-creating with The Universe. Positive aspects of our lives are the result of subconscious beliefs of self-worth that are projected. Similarly, negative aspects of our lives are the result of subconscious beliefs of low self-worth that are projected.

NOT VICTIMS • Negative things showing up in our lives have nothing to do with the subject, dynamic, or person itself, for everything is a lesson mirroring where we need to grow our self-worth on a subconscious level. With subconscious beliefs of unworthiness, we are what attract the negative things.

SMALL ENERGY • It’s simple energetics. Where we are small (subconscious beliefs of unworthiness), stronger energy will prey. However, we can grow these areas in a hypnotic state of reprogramming to balance the energies.

UNCONSCIOUS DEEP IMAGINING REPROGRAMMING • When we are in a theta or alpha state (hypnotic), our subconscious mind comes forward. This is where the old programming and loops live. When our subconscious mind is forward, it can’t distinguish between reality vs. not reality. Therefore, when we show our subconscious mind a new memory or way of “being,” it believes that to be the truth , which creates a new neuron. When we take the new way of being, and walk it through different old memories to heal and reprogram, this creates neural pathways. After we do that enough times (reinforce through repetition), this allows the new neural pathways to connect, circuit, and fire together. Once that happens, the old beliefs and loops die off. Your brain now begins looping on these new beliefs (neural pathways). This is how one starts projection from their ultimate magnetic state.

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