Apple Cider Vinegar

Summer, with its early sunrise and amber sunsets over downtown, the parks, the beaches, Venice streets—settling into late gatherings with friends after a lasting day from reposing amidst some form of salt water, pool or ocean. These types of days can result in some form of sunburn.

Minor or your entirety, the miraculous remedy to turn to is Apple Cider Vinegar. With it’s naturally acid/alkaline balance, it works to balance the pH of your skin effectively neutralizing the burn, relieving pain, and preventing blistering or peeling. Even the rosiest pale skin, after treated with ACV, will turn into a tan that looks like you’ve safely and responsibly been working towards for a week.

Slightly burned, soak a cotton ball in ACV and apply to targeted areas. You can repeat this two to three times on the day. If fully seared, add two cups ACV to a bath and soak for 15 minutes.

The smell may damper your normal scent, so I suggest applying some coconut oil to the skin after bathing to soften the odor.

Responsible Sunning

+ Enjoy during non-peak hours. Before 11a and after 4p. + Hats + Sunblock

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips