Bee Pollen

I, unlike most of the population, see a bee and think of how grateful I am for the hard work they do to provide incredibly abundant fruits and vegetables—my primary source of food.  When my siblings fright at the sight of a bee buzzing near them, I explain the importance of a bee—pollination, honey, and pollen. Without them I wouldn’t survive. I deeply admire holistic beekeepers that respectfully and naturally tend to their bees providing local honey and pollen.

Bee Pollen, abundant in vitamins, minerals and enzymes is a staple I recommend to anyone looking to acquire more energy, boost immunity, and natural anti-aging benefits. Bees themselves are vigorously energetic and visit up to several thousand flowers a day providing us with a superfood to eat.

Ten reasons to ingest one teaspoon of Bee Pollen a day

+ Improves fertility and libido + Filled with all B vitamins with the exception of B12 + Provides stress relief, improves digestion, and balances your hormones + Cleanses toxins from your body + Contains potent antioxidants, all amino acids, essential fatty acids and nucleic acids, such as RNA and DNA + High levels of vitamin C which internally protects you from UV rays that create wrinkles and skin damage + One of the richest sources of complete proteins in nature + Helps to balance cravings and overeating due to the amino acid phenylalanine + Rich source of calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc + Increases your stamina, immune system, and energy

If you are lucky enough to have an organic beekeeper near you, I urge you to visit them and acquire their pollen as you’ll be assured you’re getting the best. Otherwise it can easily be found in the cold section of health food stores, or online

*A great way to ensure you’re getting a teaspoon a day is to add it to a smoothie.

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