Crystal Cleanse

I picked up a few crystals during our recent trip to Santa Cruz per the advice of a stone healer, and dear friend of mine. She emphasized the importance of cleansing the crystals post purchase, and regularly. Healers and Feng Shui guides alike suggest that crystals are sensitive to negative and low energy—easily absorbing such from their environment or contact with people. If used for therapy or chakra aligning, it’s recommended to cleanse anytime the crystal color seems dimmer than usual, or touched by someone else.

//Popular Cleansing Techniques//

+ Salt Water Used to cleanse and absorb negativity. Leave crystals in salt water min of 4 hours-to overnight. Overnight being encouraged.

+ Moonlight Leaving your crystals on a moonlight exposed windowsill overnight will cleanse and recharge them with the moons gentle energy.

+ Running Water Hold your crystals under running water for a few minutes to wash away any negative energy.

+ Sunlight Place your crystals in the garden (or windowsill if you don’t have access to a garden). Leave them out for a few hours to cleanse and recharge from the suns energy. Note that more vibrant colored crystals can fade with this method.

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