Releasing and Manifestation Ritual

Today is one of my favorite days of the year—Halloween. Though I practice many manifestation and releasing rituals throughout the year, I think it’s extra vibrant to do one today. There is so much energy in the air. Who better to show you how to do this ritual than my super-spiritual-goddess mom!


This is to release your past and bring things into your life that you want. Best done in front of a fire in the evening but if that is not accessible to you, you can do it in daylight over a candle.

1.     Gather twigs.

2.     Write out your two lists: Releasing and Manifestation. Release is to get rid of absolutely everything that doesn’t serve you in your life anymore. And of course we all know what manifestation is. Let your heart soar.

3.     Pick up your twigs and light candle/ let burn/ discard one with every single thing you are looking to release. Make sure to hold the twigs while you think of what you’re releasing—what it has meant to you, the good/ bad, and how it felt to you. Put twig in the fire.  Let them burn away. 

4.     Now take the list of the things you want to accomplish, and read them over. When you have done this, tear each wish into a strip. Hold each strip over the candle, one at a time, and imagine this new beautiful addition to your life while it burns. Say your version of: “As these things burn, so they are accomplished, and they come to me in perfect timing and in harmony, with harm to none. “

5.     Now go on with your awesome self and feel lighter, keep the positivity alive, and watch these amazing new manifestations realized in your life!

* Clearly this can be done on any day but tonight is a waning moon and has good vibes! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips