Raw Herb Garlic Dressing

Since I have such a sprawling overabundance of oregano in my garden right now, I’ve been making this dressing quite often. It serves wonderfully for salad dressings, fish, vegetables or protein marinade. And any herb(s) can be substituted for oregano as well as any oil for the olive oil. In fact thyme, rosemary and walnut oil are savory alternatives. 



2 tbls fresh oregano

½ tsp high grade sea salt

1 garlic clove

½ c cold pressed olive oil

2 tbls fresh squeezed lemon juice



Place the oregano in mortar + pestle with salt and grind together until creating a bit of a pulp. Add garlic and grind. Add olive oil slowly while continuing to mix—then the lemon juice. Voila.


SALAD | raw

lettuce | shallots | soledad farm’s goat cheese | dill | avocado 


BENEFITS | kills bad bacteria | immune boosting | high in good fats | pH balancing | alkalizing | vitamin K + C | antioxidant rich 

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