Restoration Hair

Recently I’ve been asked by a lot of friends how to restore their hair. May it be to thicken it, faster growth, or shine—here are the six most effective ways to restore and achieve those goals.


MASON PEARSON BRUSH | one of the best hair investments you’ll make and you’ll have it for life. It’s vital that it has boar bristles + nylon tufts in order to exfoliate dead skin on the scalp, promoting new hair growth, and tufts to drag your very nutritional, natural oil through your hair. 


MAGIC GREEN SMOOTHIE | you can use all the oils and serums you want but hair growth starts from inside. If your body is too focused on continually digesting, congestion in the body, and a fully toxic environment, it certainly isn’t putting its efforts towards hair growth, as your hair isn’t an organ that the body deems necessary for survival. Swapping out your normal breakfast for this smoothie daily will detox your body, ease your digestive system, and help to eliminate toxins. *


B-COMPLEX | grey, brittle, and unhealthy hair can be caused mostly by lack of B vitamins. B complex supplies you with biotin + niacin which stimulate blood flushing, new cell growth on your scalp, and follicle repair.


CHIA SEEDS | this is the biggest hair changer as your hair is 97% protein, and because chia seeds are a perfect protein with eight essential amino acids, they feed your hair. They are also high in fiber to help eliminate toxins. Get your nail clippers out too, if you start implementing 2 Tbls to your diet daily, as your nails will grow rapidly faster and stronger than ever before. They didn’t call it the Chia Pet for nothing.


RAW SPROUTED PUMPKIN SEEDS | one of natures top hair-building foods. They are an excellent source of zinc, sulfur (which is a mineral part of amino acids that protein synthesis depends on, as well as having detoxifying properties) and vitamin A.  These three compounds, taken together, are particularly helpful in building strong hair. The list of benefits, from pumpkin seeds for your hair, goes on. These are like pure hair miracle growth. *


HYDRATION | staying hydrated is very important because water hydrates the hair strands from the inside out, nourishing new hair growth. And because your body will take care of your vital organs and tissues first, with limited water intake, your hair can get dehydrated far sooner than the rest of your body. Water also helps flush toxins.


*kimberly snyder

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