Thanksgiving Gifting Guide

It is impossible for us to go to a gathering without gifting food, artwork, presents, spirits, or love. Here is some inspiration if you can't quite come up with the perfect gift for your host. 

1. NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cooking

2. Chinese Scissors

3. Heath Ceramics Ramekin | wonderful for potting a small succulent

4. Big Sur Soap | the beautiful cabin we stay at in Big Sur has a fresh one of these waiting for us

5. Installation Cold Brew

6. 2014 Moon Calendar

7. Palo Santo

8. Heather Taylor Napkins

9. Doug Johnston Bowl

10. Goe Oil

11. Paul Loebach Watering Can

12. Rawsome Nutbag

13. Citrine Tealight Holder

14. Walnut Cracker

15. Lagavulin 16

16. Custom Original Art Piece

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips