Magic Green Smoothie

I call this highly alkalizing, immune boosting, age-stopping smoothie "magic" because I get those kind of results out of it (and anyone I make it for).

I’ve been substituting the normal American breakfast with this magical smoothie for three plus years now and I can’t tell you the difference it has made in my skin, hair, nails, body, energy, and overall happiness. In fact, whenever I try to indulge in brunch with friends, I’m left feeling tired, bloated, completely lethargic, and bummed I did not reach any of my vitamin, mineral, and nourishment goals that I like to obtain in one day. That is the magic of this one smoothie, it gives more beneficial properties than most people consume over a three-day span—sometimes even longer. All in one smoothie!


+Any greens, and apple should be swapped out for local and seasonal available options.

+Always choose organic, raw, and local for any of the ingredients, if possible, as organic decreases the terrible chemicals/ toxins that you’re trying to rid your body of. And organic produce contains a much higher count of nourishing enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

1 banana

1 green apple

3 pieces of romaine lettuce

1 celery stick

½ cucumber

fist of spinach

fist of cilantro

fist of parsley

1 tbls chia seeds

1 tbls bee pollen

1 tbls maca

1 tbls hemp seeds

1 tbls coconut oil

1 cup cold filtered water

*optional-ice if you need that cool smoothie vibe

Place in a high-power blender, and blend from two minutes. If you do not have a high-powered blender, it will not reach as smooth and creamy of a texture.


*short notes

Banana-wards off insomnia, better sleep patterns, fights depression, and helps keep moods, fluid levels, and adrenals balanced.

Apple-clear/ vivid eyes, helps in lowering cholesterol (creating stable blood sugar), natural weight and calorie controller, decreases your risk for developing heart disease, prevents damage to individual cells, and protects against cancer.

Romaine lettuce-keeps cholesterol from oxidizing (preventing plaque from forming in arteries), helps regulate blood pressure, and great blood builder.

Celery-reduces puffiness throughout the body, and under eye area with its anti-inflammatory properties, calms nervous system, helps lower blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, relaxes the muscles around the arteries, and it’s a natural laxative (eliminating waste/ toxins).

Cucumber-high in electrolytes, promotes hydrated, glowing, resilient, and radiant skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties to decrease puffiness.

Spinach-skin beauty power food! Helps to prevent wrinkles, removing dead skin cells from your body, protects against damage free radicals, and carries oxygen to all body cells.

Cilantro-rids the body + brain of mercury, lead, and aluminum through urine.

Parsley-potent detoxifier and diuretic, helping to prevent bloating and water retention. Aids digestion, blood cleanser and purifier, and powerful antioxidants.

Chia seeds-excellent for helping to tone and lean out the body, help balance blood sugar levels, complete protein, repairs muscle tissue, raises energy levels, long-burning source of energy, high in omega-3 fatty acid, helps balance hormones, and eliminates aging free radicals.

Bee pollen-hours of energy, provides stress relief, fights acne, balances hormones, cleanses toxins from the body, libido booster, fights depression, improves digestion, anti-aging, wrinkle preventing, complete protein, appetite and craving suppressant, and increases stamina/ energy/ immunity.

Maca root-balances hormones, libido booster, nourishes pituitary gland, provides adrenal support, balances mood, and lessens PMS.

Hemp seeds-builds muscle tone, and promotes vibrant skin, hair, and nails. High in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, nourishes healthy blood, tissue, cells and organs. High in protein, helps support a healthy metabolism, useful in balancing hormones, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut oil-lubricates body from within to lessen dry skin, regulates cholesterol and blood pressure.

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