Heritage Rose Petals Rosewater


My foxy friend, Julianne Tura, turned me onto this product ages ago and it serves so many uses in my life. Top three:

Setting Makeup

After applying makeup I spritz this on my face to lock in moisture and create much longer lasting wear. It also gives this beautiful dewy glow. Truly magical.

Energy Pick Me Up

When I’ve had a long day and I have a long evening ahead, this is my best friend. I spray it all over my body to literally pick up my vibe. It works every time and gives me a peaceful + graceful new energy for the evening.


When I’m using a new product that is too bland, I’ll add this to it to give a very delicate feminine scent. It’s sexy but subtle. Perfection.


Once you use this product, it will become a staple in your medicine cabinet forever.