May it be you’re using it as garland for the tree or simply enjoying popcorn in front of a holiday movie, this is my favorite recipe.

Walk away from the microwave (I think we all know that these are TERRIBLE for us now. We don’t even own one). Run away from the prepackaged bag popcorn in the store. And don’t even look at the foil stovetop prepackaged ones. Walk over the to bulk-bin in your local health food store. And find the bin that says Organic Popcorn. It’s time to get back to the art of popping popcorn healthfully, safely and tastefully.


¼ c organic popcorn kernels | we love finding heirloom tri-colored varieties

1 spring of rosemary | finely chopped

1 tbls coconut oil

¼ tsp sea salt | more if needed

½ tsp nutritional yeast

In a large Dutch oven (any will do), add your coconut oil and turn the heat up to high. Immediately add your popcorn and distribute evenly on the bottom creating a layer. Cover the Dutch oven leaving 1/4 “ open. Once you hear the corn popping, let it pop for about 2 minutes or until the popping slows down dramatically. Place popped popcorn in a bowl. Add salt, rosemary, nutritional yeast and stir. Enjoy.