Naturally holidays with your family, friends, or just plain away from home, at some point, can get a bit overwhelming. As I depart today and head north to Mariposa CA, I thought it the best time to share my away-from-home routine. If this seems selfish or indulgent, remember that there is nothing more selfish or indulgent than being overextended, judgmental, depressed and sassy. So in order to maintain sanity and remain your ultimate being to those around you, I invite you to take these steps to reap the best time and memories during these next few days.

SWEAT DAILY | go on a jog, catch a yoga class, practice yourself or use pocket yoga/  online yoga. Get those endorphins up and work off the indulgent food.

ALONE TIME | remember to take some time out of each day to yourself. Meditate, read, nap, walk, or go on a drive. Something for you.

SPA | don’t just take that quick shower. Whenever I travel, I always bring lavender oil + Epsom salts. Run a hot lavender + Epsom salt bath, body brush, apply your favorite face mask + hair mask and have a good fifteen minute soak. Restore.

SLEEP | snag that eyemask, dab a few drops of lavender on your pillow, spritz two sprays of Bach’s Rescue Remedy and get in a full night of sleep.

GREENS | chances are that your host doesn't have the same diet + lifestyle as you, so find your greens. From a celery to a cucumber, eat them. Parsley is your best friend as it's a natural diarrhetic and gets rid of all that extra water weight from overindulgence. 

ADD SOMETHING | add some good vibes by bringing nice cheese or prepare a meal to connect and set a loving, giving tone. Something kind and restful for your host(s).

GO WITH THE FLOW | sometimes holidays aren’t how we remember them to be, or things come up. Nonetheless remember to be non-resistant and go with the flow. You are so lucky to have friends and a loving family. Roll with it. 

If all else fails, I'm sure your uncle Jack has good pot! Joyeux Noel!