Nobody wants to break out, get sick or backed up after flying. I'm hopping a flight to NYC today, and thought this is as good a time as ever to share some wonderful travel tips I've picked up throughout the years to ensure the healthiest adjustment and acclimation for your mind, body, spirit and health.

DONT EAT IN FLIGHT | a colon therapist (lets just get right into it) once told me the ins and outs (literally) of digestive function during flight—which is absolutely none. When your body reaches a certain altitude, it signals digestion to stop, thus stopping body elimination which is why people get very backed up after flying. To avoid this, she suggested eating something satisfying but easily digestible notably before your departure time.

MAG O7 | MagO’s (as my friends and I refer to them) are your best friend when you touch down for they are a combination of powdered magnesium based compound which have been ounce onated and stabilized to release mono atomic or nascent oxygen when used as directed. The timed release ensures that Mag O7 will provide an adequate amount of oxygen, slowly, for better utilization. Mag O7 has a stool softening effect. It successfully gets everything loosened and moving correctly again. Lack of elimination simply means toxins putrefying in your colon and being reabsorbed over and over again. True beauty (and everything else) havoc.

WATER | drinking lots of water in flight will help to keep everything hydrated, lubricated and continually flushing out toxins.

EYE MASK + COZY SCARF  | shut the world out and use this time to relax as best possible. Though virtually impossible, these essentials are one step closer.

LAVENDER | as a natural anti-bacterial oil that kills 99% of germs, I use a few drops to cleans my hands, seat handles, and to soothe any anxiety or restlessness.

HYDRATE | skin gets incredibly dehydrated due to recycled plane air/ lack of fresh oxygen and altitude change, so I always spritz a hydrating mist upon landing, and use a hydrating mask later.

INVERSIONS + TWIST POSES | First thing is first. Loosen those toxins from your organs through yoga twist poses and get your lymphatic system flowing with inversion poses. This will also help to stimulate proper elimination after flight.

GREEN JUICE | green juice is just plain awesome to restore every part of your body by hydrating, nourishing, oxygenating, alkalizing and detoxifying ever single last cell.

safe + awesome travels