I’ve been into the concept of making my own fresh herbal tea for quite some time now. Having given up caffeine about a year ago—per the request of a naturopath who determined I was much too dehydrated from all the iced green tea I had been drinking—I REALLY got back into making fresh herbal teas. I sort of skipped the whole tea bag thing, as they are notorious for developing microscopic mold and fungus. Loose leaf has even acquired this rap, and much like grains, how can I be sure how OLD the herbs really are?

Giving up green tea and getting back to freshness inspired a whole new burst of creativity in my life. I began to concoct tea out of just about anything. Herbs from my garden, fruit, roots, spice—anything fresh and beneficial.

One of the saddest arts to fade in our society is a basic understanding of herbs, even common popular herbs available in America, and their beneficial properties/ ability to fight illnesses.

I wanted to share the art of steeping fresh tea from ingredients in your yard, kitchen or refrigerator and just how simple it is. Toss those bags and loose leafs out—no matter how designer or expensive—and get creative with your winter teas. Make up your own recipes.


Pomegranate Satsuma Rosemary Ginger |

1 c spring water

10 pomegranate seeds

1 satsuma juice

Satsuma rind

1 inch ginger peeled and chopped into pieces

2 springs of rosemary 

1 tsp local raw honey (optional)


Bring spring water to a boil. Place pomegranate seeds, satsuma rind, ginger, and rosemary in your tea pot. Pour boiling water into pot and let steep for two minutes. Add the satsuma juice and steep for another eight minutes. Enjoy your tea.


BENEFITS | rich in antioxidants | immune boosting | anti-aging | cold busting | high in vitamin C