I've been a guinea pig for quite some time trying natural face product after natural face product and NOTHING has ever  compared to Odacite. Suzanne Shpall turned me onto them so I gave it a go and now there is no looking back. Especially for a few of my favorite key products. 

Night Time Repair Serum combined with A Winter In Paris  and Pomegranate Rose Serum leaves my face as smooth and even as it used to be when I'd wake up from Retin A. It's like velvet the next morning, deeply hydrated and glowing. Especially if I've been eating really well.

I never see a difference/results when it comes to eye cream--From Obaji to Kiehl's--but Odacite's Ultra Effective Eye Cream noticeably reduces my crow's feet and evens out my eye area. 

Lastly, their Divine Rose Balancing Toner Mist is just that, divine. My skin sucks it up like crack and the smell is complete euphoria. You feel like a true lady after spritzing it on while balancing your skin all at the same time. 

I've used the product for about a month now and am still amazed that everything is 100% natural, organic, food grade with one of the most interesting concepts--Freshiency date. Especially useful, they have an Esthetician that can walk you through your skin regime based off your complexion via email. I picked up some great tips from her. Love, love, love.