Full Moon in Cancer


This Full Moon could be quite emotional as it is in the watery, emotional sign of Cancer which is in fact ruled by the Moon.

Full Moons tend to bring things to a head and whatever may have been bubbling below the surface over the course of the previous couple of weeks have a tendency to burst out into the open as the Moon reaches its peak. This Moon is no exception!

Whatever isn’t working within our relationships could become glaringly obvious under the light of this Full Moon!

The good news is that Mercury and Uranus are forming a supportive and harmonious aspect to each other, helping us tospeak our truth with sincerity and objectivity while also allowing us to come up with solutions to whatever may come up for us.

While emotions could be riding high during this Moon, we should be able to find some level of understanding of where they are coming from.

Cancer represents the home, family and our emotional roots and behavioral patterns which stem from childhood…This Moon could make us very aware of such patterns as the come to the surface in the form of unreasonable and irrational behavior, so watch out!

This Moon could well bring up some strong emotions based on old patterns formed when we were very young.Emotions are not rational at all and have a tendency to take us over despite ourselves.

This is where Saturn comes in – the voice of reason! He is the ruler of the Capricorn Sun and will help us stay grounded in reality and could give us more of an understanding of where the emotions are coming from rather than simply drowning in them.

He is the stern parent helping us gain control of our emotions, making sense of them and how they might be ruling us. He forces us to be real.  Saturn is in Scorpio and this Full Moon provides us with an opportunity to recognize and release old, outworn behavioural patterns that no longer serve us in our relationships.

Scorpio asks us to dig beneath the surface and discover what holds us back from real trust and intimacy within our relationships. During this Moon he is gently urging us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and reveal how we truly feel, deep inside.The truth of it, not the sugar coating.

As Venus is retrograde in Capricorn at the moment this could well bring up any old, unresolved problems within our relationships and make us very aware where there is a lack of balance. While Venus is retrograde it causes us to review and reflect upon all matters related to Venus, such as relationships, values and how we attract money.

In Capricorn this could cause us to restructure and redefine our relationships and re-evaluate how we go about achieving financial security.

Somehow we might be able to tie things together more easily and achieve intuitive understanding of any problems we may face. Uranus and Mercury give us a fresh perspective and the ability to look at things from a more detached, objective viewpoint which could be very useful during a very subjective and emotional Full Moon!

This combination could provide us with solutions to some long standing issues, making it all seem very clear. Above all, we should be able to speak our truth with sincerity and clarity and have some understanding and insight into whatever emotions may come up."

-Compliments of Mystic Mamma + Amy Bird