Chocolate Coconut Milkshake

As I’ve been on a three-week travel and finally touched down home last night at 10p, I didn’t have any sprouted almond milk in the house prepared. So today I picked up a coconut, while my almonds soak, and made my first detox smoothie of the New Year.


1 coconut | water + meat

1 banana

1 Tbls chia seeds

1 Tbls maca

1.5 Tbls cacao

1 tsp vanilla

3 dates

4 ice cubes

Pinch of sea salt

PROCESS | Open your coconut (which my guy always does for me), pour water into your high-powered blender, and scrape the meat inside. Add all your other ingredients and blend on high for two minutes.

BENEFITS | alkalizing | parasite fighting | anti-aging | high in Omegas | high in antioxidants | mood stabilizing | hormone balancing | energy lifting | Zinc | immune boosting