Water knowledge is real and one worth investing in. After some major gut bacteria imbalance following some heavy antibiotic IV treatments before having my appendix removed a year ago, I became much more serious about my water source. Especially as the age old Britta I had used for years, which does absolutely nothing, had started growing mold itself.

To put it kindly, tap water and simple filtration units are just not effective. And they are responsible for a magnitude of chemistry imbalance in your body, notably hormonal and gut bacteria imbalance due to chemicals—the most popular, fluoride and good bacteria killing chlorine. 

WATER | a quick overview

REVESE OSMOSIS WATER | by having this system installed in your home or filling up at a local water station, this is the only process that can fully remove the chemicals we touched on earlier and water impurities. BUT it is important to realize that this water is mineral free. And in order for our bodies to function properly, we must add a good trace mineral source to this water to balance our pH levels and feed our cells the minerals they thrive on.

MOUNTAIN VALLEY SPRING WATER IN GLASS | this is still one of the cleanest natural, mineral rich water sources to consume. Though there are elements of chemicals in it, it comes in much lower than most. They also supply the option of water delivery in their glass 3 or 5 gallon bottles to ensure no chemical leaching into their water. 

ALKALINE WATER | by having this system installed in your home or filling up at your local water station, this water has been through the process of reverse osmosis and then run through a trace minerals system to remineralize and elevate its pH levels to 9. Where tap water usually rates at the pH of 5-6, this higher alkalinity keeps your body oxygenated so that not as many bad pathogens, fungi, and bacteria can live your alkaline environment. But I do question the ethics of local water stations when it comes to this trend. 

Regardless of which method you go with or if you invest in a top shelf filtration unit, a few elements to remember:  make your nut milks, soups, teas, and soak your grains, nuts, and seeds in your clean water source! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips