Wood Dish Brushes | Bürstenhaus Redecker

The German company Bürstenhaus Redecker really mastered the wooden brush department 75 years ago, and continue to produce the same handcrafted high-quality prodcut to this day. I adore these three brushes and use them regularly.

THE POT BRUSH | really takes the elbow grease out of scrubbing down your burnt cast irons.

THE DISH BRUSH | is so graceful at swirling around your cutlury and serveware giving them the clean attention they deserve.

THE BOTTLE BRUSH | is beyond when it comes to cleaning out the old glass juice bottles that I reuse from my daily on-the-go smoothies.

Not only do these rad eco-brushes get you away from plastic and synthetic materials, take you back in time, as well as get the job done, but they also elevate your sink to that perfect designer detail it was missing. 

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