Raw Mint Chip Philosophie Smoothie

The mint chip smoothie was inspired by what ingredients I had at home, my mood + the fact that mint chip is my all time FAVORITE flavor. I wanted to recreate the deliciousness of the mint chip ice cream I used to buy as a kid, minus the junk.


makes 2 16oz servings


-8 oz full fat coconut milk with all the thick cream from the top of can

-1/2 avocado

-1 dropper rhodiola

-2 T maca

-2 T green dream powder

-3 T green dream coconut butter

1 T cacao magic powder

-2 frozen bananas

-1 C frozen organic spinach

-2 T cacao nibs, more for topping

-1 handful fresh mint leaves

-1/2 t peppermint oil 

-lots of ice

blend well! 

TOPPING | when I'm feeling fancy

Whipped coconut cream:

  • 1 can coconut milk, left in the fridge or freezer overnight

  • Bean from 1/2 vanilla pod

  • 1/8 teaspoon stevia

or just top with fresh berries, bee pollen, goji berries, cacao nibs or whatever makes you happy!

Photographed by Jamie Arrigo in Sophie Jaffe's Los Angeles home, September 2014

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