Most of you know that I use very little product on my body by now. But for those just tuning in, I can't stress enough, the simplicity of pure, effective topical products on your body and how healing or disruptive such can be.

I had a returning client get in touch a month ago expressing that her depression, anxiety and nightmares were worse than ever. And though we made some remarkable internal shifts in those departments by adding a few staples to her diet (while removing a few), a HUGE measure we took was looking in her bathroom. From Suave to CHANEL, this woman had everything under the sun in terms of products, with each even more chemically ridden than the other. We sat together and I stressed the importance of how hormonally and endocrine disrupting each are capable of. I also introduced her to EWG cosmetic database and watched her type in just two of her most used daily products and what they are capable of. It was enough to convince her to put product by product in a trash bin. I let her make the decision if she wanted to toss them and In the end she did. And in just four weeks, her levels are tremendously more balanced and in line.

So this loops back to a tip that I remind friends and clients. When it comes to enjoying something as therapeutic, lymphatic stimulating and draining as a healing massage, why do your body the disservice of relying on the house oil used? Unless it is stunningly medicinal and therapeutic grade from a clean source, make sure to bring your own.

My go to source is hand-oil blender and healer Angela Shore of Jiva-Apoha. And I really choose my oils in-line with what I’m focusing on with my body. If I’m headed for a massage to reduce inflammation, I use Parutka. Calming and stress reducing, I use Baby Jiva. And now that the season is transitioning into a cooler temperature and the focus is on resting and restoring, I’ll be using 1967 (for both massage and daily body) until Spring. Its my form of hibernating—like a bear.

If you're on a budget, stick with the purity of raw coconut oil or stunning high-grade raw almond or sesame seed oil! 

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