Dandelion Leaf + Ginger Tea

I woke up this morning with all the negative chatter running through my mind that never serves anything or anyone. What if this happens? And that? And you know the drill.

Then the beautiful thing that usually happens now that I’m a bit older—happened. I took control of my thoughts and the day. I reminded myself that today is New Moon in Scorpio. And not only is it a New Moon but it is also a solar eclipse!

How magical is that? And for such magic, I swapped my normal warm lemon water out for a dandelion leaf and ginger tea because that’s what my body asked for.

Then I sat down next to my sleeping dog that never worries about anything and relished in all this wonderful New Moon energy open and potent to receive any intentions that I might want to cast and throw it.

So I’m going to take today to bask in this solar eclipse alignment that disrupts the usual flow of solar energy, dissolving old energy and behavior patterns so something new can manifest. And I’m going to look into those dark shadows inside myself that still hold me back and really throw some powerful intentions of self shifting, endings, and new beginnings. After all that is done, I’m going to have a beautiful rest again and let the universe do what it does best, manifest and create all that I ask of it.


A few dandelion leaves

A knob of ginger with the skin cut off, then the flesh chopped into tiny cubes

PROCESS | steep for 10 minutes and enjoy alone or with a dab of honey.

BENEFITS | anti-inflammatory | digestive aid | immune boosting | anti-bloating | kidney cleansing | liver detoxifying 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips