Siberian Kale

Free and Native Siberian Kale Tips Benefits

One of my sweet farmers insisted that I try his freshly grown Siberian Kale last Sunday at the Farmers’ Market. It looked much more delicate and feminine than normal Dino or Curly kale. To my surprise this was a less bitter and more palatable version. I’ve been tossing it into almost all the meals I’ve cooked this week and it really takes the backseat letting the main dish shine while continuing to provide its ample nourishment.

TIP | A way that I love sneaking cruciferous greens into more dishes on a regular basis is to wash, remove from stem, and chop into thinner slices. I’ll then wait until the dish is fully cooked where I’ll fold the raw leaves in at the end so to not overcook their enzymes and lose a lot of their super nutritious benefits.

MY FAVORITE BENEFITS | we’d be living under a rock to not know the benefits of kale by now, but my favorite token benefits are its really potent iron content to build and cleanse blood, promote new cell growth, and assist in proper liver function. As well as its high calcium content, which is incredibly calming to the nervous system while helping to maintain a healthy metabolism. 

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