Life Is Fruitful

Lemon Avocado Brass Bowl Affirmation Free and Native

Daily affirmations, such as “life is fruitful” though seeming out there and hippie, are quite life transforming.  They set our daily tone; remind us to change our thoughts, which automatically begins to shift our energy and vibration.   I make the daily habit of saying a few morning affirmations before my feet touch the ground, and they have made significant magical changes in my life.  However, if I’m going through a bit of a stagnant period, due to focusing my energy too much on one thing such as work, it becomes hard to maintain that wonderful energy created in the morning.  During these times without some mid-day reminding, it’s easy to slip into a negative thought pattern that can drive the rest of my day.

One solution to this is placing the affirmation that resonates most with you somewhere where you are sure to be reminded of it often.  Now I’m not one to have quotes, intentions, and affirmations all over my house and desk, so a solution for me was to change all my passwords to a given affirmation that I’d like to really cement in my subconscious.

This has been pretty transformative. Call it crazy but I implore you to give it a try! This is also wonderful for intentions, goals, and manifestations.   

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips