Sprouted Almond Milk Ransom Nut Bag Free And Native

I always get asked what bag I use to make nut milk to which I reply, “THE nut bag.” My old bag finally gave out a bit ago, to which I went out and purchased The Rawsome Nut Milk Bag! This one is a far more efficient bag than the one I was using before as the mesh is smaller and doesn’t allow the small bits (such as sprouted pumpkin seed pulp) to sneak through. Universal is the keyword for this multipurpose tool. Examples go as follows:

SPROUTING | place over jars and bowls so that I can drain water from sprouting nuts, seeds and legumes—and let them breathe.

TEA + HERBAL SOAKS | I forage my favorite herbs to steep in hot water to make tea, or in my bath for a nourishing herbal soak.

JUICE ON THE GO | if I’m on the go without a juicer, I’ll gently blend up my favorite veggies and use this to strain juice from pulp into my glass.

CHEESE | wonderful for making my own soft cheeses out of raw, probiotic rich yogurt!

MILK | and of course, it is most often in use for making my weekly sprouted raw milks.

CLEANING PROCESS | rinse under hot water, add a dab of soap, and massage bag until all the bits are out. Hang to air-dry.

This is the most affordable, universal tool in my kitchen. I’ll even go so far as to say that it is my favorite tool in my kitchen aside from my very beloved, always-in-use Vitamix! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips