F+N Guide to Cozy Days Ahead

As the holidays near and we head into cooler weather, these are some of the treasures I'll be indulging in. 

HARIO COPPER KETTLE | to warm my body with herbal infusion blends, and tonics.

APOPHYLLITE CRYSTAL | to keep vibrations high and reduce stress, tension and anxiety.

HEATH MODERN CUP | for sipping my potions and elixirs. 

VIRGIN WOOL LODGE BLANKET | for the ultimate coziness.

WOOL HOUSE SHOES | to not let my body heat escape through my feet.

HEALING WISE BOOK | to deepen my hobbit-herbal-making knowledge.

RAW CHAGA DONUTS | for the ultimate medicinal donut experience.

SUN POTION CORDYCEPS | to tonify yin and yang in my body and support immunity.

NUTMEG | to freshly grate over my potions and elixirs for a smell to be cherished. 

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