Cold | Medicine Cabinet

And so the season of colds have arrived. Knock on wood, I haven’t been full-blown sick in about a year; however, Ryan stumbled upon his second sickness of the season this last weekend while we were in my hometown.

We are SO lucky to have the luxury of Moon Juice down the street, as this company saves me hours of time I’d spend crafting what they already so perfectly and responsibly provide to us Angelinos. So a normal cold cycle for us is remedied loosely in this fashion with these essentials.


Upon concern that immunity might be weak and the chance a tingle is forming in the back of the throat, Ryan will down this potent elixir and these three times a day along with ample rest and this juice for good measure. If those powerful substances haven’t stopped the forming illness in its tracks, then he’ll spend the next so many days (often 2-3), adding a green miracle detoxer, with one shot of this DIY recipe here, three times a day along with some cultured vegetables combined with minced garlic. And if we see deep signs of a bacterial infection, then the truly powerful Oregon Grape tincture comes out and clears things right up.

BONUS | Though it’s unlikely that Ryan will do these extra measures, some staple additions in my personal cold recovery regime will also consist of one probiotic enema daily followed by a hot soak in these magic minerals. Those are sure to always do the trick and heal me much quicker than the above measures alone. But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the most powerful medicine of all—rest. We've become very attentive to what our bodies are telling us and taking whichever of these measures that it is requesting. That is really the key, resting and listening to your body.

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