White Teeth

Coconut Oil Pulling, brushing your teeth with activated charcoal, white teeth

My dear friend, Ashley, overhauled her whole kitchen last week (bravely).  While we transformed her routine and products into a NATIVE kitchen, midway through the makeover she stopped everything to ask, “how are your teeth so white?” 

I’d say I get this half question, half compliment once a week.  This is where I reveal a deep secret:  my teeth change colors naturally!  Like my nails, skin and hair, they shift based on my lifestyle and diet.  Three major factors are to credit for when my teeth are sparkling white.  This is based off my own personal observation combined with light research.  Used in combination, but listed in order of effectiveness.

MINERALS | minerals, minerals, minerals.  When my body is happily fed generous amounts of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, my teeth are incredibly reflective of this—especially when consuming bio available sources.  These, for me include NATIVE bone broths, Quintessential 3.3, gelatin (in tonics and broths), and the other array of superfoods I swap around daily.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL | some natives and the poor share this one brushing method in common, that of brushing your teeth with activated charcoal.  Due to its effectiveness at pulling toxins, it's known to be helpful in balancing the pH of the mouth making it a defense against cavities by killing bad bacteria.  Its strong pulling effect is also noted to help pull tannins that cause stains (which could be wonderful for the avid coffee, red wine, and tea drinker).  When I can remember, I’ll do this once a week.  I simply wet a specifically designated A.C. toothbrush, open a capsule, sprinkle that on the toothbrush (or dip it in a bag of loose powder) and brush like normal—then rinse.  I’ll follow by brushing with my normal toothpaste. Note that A.C. stains everything but teeth incredibly easily so do use spill caution.

COCONUT OIL PULLING | this has been a much more off thing than on for me in the past as I always found the process to be a bit gag worthy.  At the urging of my acupuncturist, I’ve finally solidly incorporated 20 minutes into my daily morning routine and it’s really brightened the smile up.  It very much has that polished after-the-dentist look.  Though research is slim on this, I personally notice the difference after some consistency. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips