F+N Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanksgiving holistic survival guide

As the day of giving thanks nears, these are suggestive tips to keep calm, well digested, and sane.  

PEACEFUL WORRIER FLOWER REMEDY | to stay calm and collected throughout all hosting duties, and to keep your wits about you when that one family member begins to stir up the token holiday gathering fiasco. 

SAVON DE MARSEILLE | makes for the perfect impromptu host gift.  Any lover of France is sure to truly appreciate this centuries old soap native to Provence and crafted from pure olive oil, sea water, and alkalizing soda ash derived from marine plants. 

SMALL BRASS ROUND BOX | for storing your secret stash.  Also what my dad refers to as "an attitude adjustment."

JAPANESE COTTON TRAVEL TOWEL | because things just feel a lot more in control when you have your own cozy, clean piece of home? 

FRESH CRANBERRIES | for that antioxidant rich, delectable homemade cranberry sauce you're going to be making. 

WOOD & ENAMEL STORAGE CONTAINERS | to bring home all the leftovers that you'll be living off of for the next three days. 

BEESWAX TAPER CANDLES | to set the mood with a far less toxic candle choice and a whole lot more benefits.  If you're feeling ambitious, you can always make your own. 

URBAN MOONSHINE CITRUS BITTERS | for taking 1/4 teaspoon before dinner to aid in digestion (more on this tomorrow).  

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