Smoke Blend

Medicinal smoking blends have been used around the world since the beginning of plant medicine.  This Thanksgiving I celebrate such a universal form of healing to honor our American Natives that believed plants were spirits and used each spirit individually or together in smoke blends for healing, recreation, and ceremony.  


This simple non-tobacco formula is a calming, anti-inflammatory, pain reducing, and anti-asthmatic substitute for the regular or social smoker looking to transition from tobacco.  Or for the average Joe looking for a bit of gentle relaxation.

2 Tbls Organic Dried Rosemary

2 Tbls Organic Dried Calendula

2 Tbls Organic Dried Chamomile

PROCESS | mix all three herb parts together.  Crush well before enjoying in your pipe or rolled into a cigarette.  Happiest of ceremonies today with the ones you love. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips