Food Poisoning | Activated Charcoal Review

Free and Native Activated Charcoal Remedy for Food Poisoning

On this beautiful morning, I’d love to revisit activated charcoal! I woke up to poor Ryan coughing and tossing around in his sleep last night. He’s very tough when it comes to illness and never likes putting anyone out, so after some solid questioning I was able to pry out of him that he was experiencing food poisoning—vomiting the whole nine. I’ve been taking hydrochloric acid before large meals to boost my HC levels, so I wasn’t experiencing any of his symptoms as that must have battled any bad bacteria from bothering me.

At once I gave him activated charcoal for the food poison and ¼ tsp of raw honey for his lingering night cough and BAM within 20 minutes he was sleeping peacefully. A.C. is such a handy resource to have in your first aid kit at ALL times. Nothing is more dreadful than food poisoning and anything that will relieve that experience is a Godsend. To fully round out your natural first aid kit, read here as Dr. Patti Kim is my guru of such! 

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