5 Favorite Uses of Lavender | Full Moon in Taurus

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I had never had quality lavender essential oil around until Ryan’s beautiful mom introduced me to the stunning lavender farm of Ojai, Rivendell. She gifted me this truly medicinal grade, potent, fresh oil that has never turned rancid on me in the year that I've had it.

Lavender and I have been finding our way around each other instinctually. It’s one thing to read about all its many uses and benefits but it’s another to honestly and uniquely discover how it benefits you personally. Like a modern day version of plant whispering, this dance of an unspoken language. Through trial and tribulation, I’ve found that some of my favorite uses for lavender essential oil are.

ZITS | top favorite! As soon as a white head appears and is picked (as everyone does), this essential oil is magic. Because the skin is open, if you dab just a tiny bit on the troubled spot, the oil goes right in and eats up all the bacteria while taking away most redness and inflammation. So within an hour, you’re left with the tiniest little red scab that isn’t even noticeable on your face anymore. A powerhouse.

CUTS, BURNS & SCRAPES | this has become a real alternative to something I’d have used in the old days like peroxide or burn cream! Again, because of its potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as soon as I cut myself or scrape myself, I’ll run the wound under water and drip a few drops of lavender on it. Bam! Healing is much quicker than the peroxide/ Neosporin method. And did I mention that lavender is amazing with anti-scarring?

FLEAS | anytime we’re headed to a place we know Barley is susceptible to picking up a few fleas, because she’s hyper allergic to them and breaks out in heat spots, we dab a bit on her neck, back and belly. And it really saves her from an infestation because they hate the oil just as much as she does.

BUG BITES | more specifically mosquitoes. A dab of L.O. followed by a tiny dab of raw honey, and the itching quickly fades away! 

BATH | I’m sure most do this but on nights like tonight’s Full Moon in Taurus, I’ll certainly be dabbing a bit on my temples and adding a few drops on Ancient Mineral Flakes for a soothing, restorative bath in the moonlight. Pondering away how much this moon has made me reflect on security, possessions, and self worth! 

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