Santa Baby

After beginning the week with the F+N holiday wish list, it’s only fitting to wrap it up with the stocking stuffer guide.  There is a true tradition to these things.  One shouldn’t just willy-nilly buy anything from the checkout aisle at stores!  Such requires true thought for the individual being stocked by Santa, and should cover all traditional bases: treats, books, games, collectables, and grooming basics.

TREAT | I’ll take mine in the form of raw culinary medicine such as the divine tasting Moon Juice Strawberry Rose Geranium Bar.

BOOK | Braiding Sweetgrass as seen on Jessa Blade's Instagram.  Looks beyond!

COLLECTABLE | Japanese brass incense holder to kindly hold the fragrant Jiva-Apoha incense I have patiently waiting to be lit. 

And a sweet little wood comb to keep in my purse for flyaways.

GAMES | these cards to finally pick up playing poker again—for chocolate chips—like I used to do with my dad when I was little.

GROOMING | the perfect golden hue from RMS that makes your eyelids shine, and doubles as a highlighter.  So technically that counts as two gifts?

FIG + YARROW’s Underarm Lotion for fresh underarms and notes of forest scents.

And Marble & Milkweed’s Rosy Lip Tint to wear to my family’s party on Christmas day.

COAL | a charcoal pumice.  Because even people that were naughty this year still deserve smooth feet? 

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