FOOD RESOLVES | for the New Year's Inspired

My hometown is incredibly bleak when it comes to NATIVE nutrition.  And such remoteness can really leave one seeking pure health a bit stranded.  When speaking with new clients, or simply old friends from home,  I’m asked the question, "what are the biggest changes I can make in my health today?"  These are my top five for the New Year's inspired.

GO ORGANIC + GO LOCAL | in my opinion, this is the biggest investment you can make in preventive health.  It’s a step in the direction that your food is less poisonous, antibiotic filled, anti-GMO, and hormone inflated.  All resulting havoc in your body, aging, disorders and disease.  Eat the food nature intended to nourish you with from a farmer nearby. It will still be alive with bountiful minerals and enzymes that are much needed to nourish your whole body.  This alone will transform your moods, weight, focus, mineral levels, and complexion.

GET CULTURED | I’m always talking about this.  I feel like I’ve become the dealer of cultured food—for good reason.  Probiotic rich food is the most immune boosting, vitamin and mineral giving, beautifying, and anti-allergy, digestive support you could ever consume.  Fermented (or cultured) food is packed with digestive enzymes, gut balancing probiotics, vitamins and minerals.  Most ancient cultures consumed a fermented food with every meal to support digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  I try to do this with every meal and it has taken my immune system through the roof, eliminated my seasonal allergies, kept me regular, and my skin crystal clear. 

There are many ways to get fermented foods into your diet:  cultured vegetables, raw milk, kefir, buttermilk, sour cream, kombucha, organic miso, cultured grassfed butter, beet kvass, and the list goes on.  Though I swap between many forms of these throughout the day, my absolute staple is cultured veggies.  I even go so far as to travel with them.

SOAK YOUR GRAINS | you’ve heard it before but you’ll hear it again.  If consuming grains, nuts, seeds, or legumes do soak them in purified water for their allotted amount of time so that you neutralize their harmful phytic-acids and open up their wonderful protein, vitamin and mineral content to make them easily absorbed by the body.

DITCH REFINED SUGAR + PROCESSED FOOD | watch the weight, scattered thoughts, anxiety, sleep issues, mood swings, and everything else under the sun melt away when you say no to refined sugar (and processed foods), and only consume pure, intact sugar in its perfect structure. 

Because refined sugar has been refined and striped of its minerals, our body sucks our much-needed minerals in order to process these toxic substance.  It also feeds the bad bacteria and fungus in your body, which disrupts our good bacteria ration.  For any of those white, brown, or synthetic sugars that you bake with or find in processed foods, try swapping them for raw local honey, raw coconut syrup, raw molasses, artichoke root, raw coconut sugar, stevia, or simply satisfy a sweet tooth with some wonderful organic fruit.  

FAT, FAT & MORE FAT | we are such a fat deprived society.  The notion that consuming fat is a frightening one, as we’ve been taught to believe for over 50 years that fat causes fat.  Worst belief in history.  Sugar causes fat.  Good fats feed your brain with omegas, helps to assimilate and break down protein so your body can absorb it, keeps your intestinal lining nourished, and helps you to lose weight as fat is satiating and keeps you fuller for much longer.  It would blow your mind with the amount of fat that I consume in one day.  I never eat a meal, smoothie, or tonic without it.  And simply cooking with it isn’t enough.  It’s important to also add it to your meal.  Take a note from the French.   There is a reason that there is crème on everything.  From coconut oil, ghee, cultured grassfed or raw butter, avocado, olive oil, sour cream, to crème fraiche, it’s in every single meal I eat. 

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