Winter Skin Guide


Now that we’ve officially entered into winter, from LA to NYC we are feeling the toll of dryness, cracking and chapping.  I’m incredibly susceptible to dry skin and these past two weeks gallivanting in my Northern California hometown has taken the dry forecast to the next level.  From years of learning how to navigate around this, this is what I packed to keep all dry symptoms at bay and to continue my happy, skin-soothed travels as I depart to the northern coast for this whole next week.  Worry and cracked misery is a thing of the past.


DRY BODY BRUSH | to slough off dead skin, get blood and lymph moving, and have a smooth surface to receive skin moisturizing and nourishing serums post shower.

SHEA BUTTER | because nothing compares to this African super moisturizer when it comes to locking in moisture, feeding the skin, and providing deep deep moisture to the skin.  You’ll see I’ve mentioned "moist" three times.  You get the point.

JIVA APOHA 1967 OIL | I add a few squirts to the shea butter and apply to body when still slightly damp after shower.  It’s also incredibly warming and the scent is a therapy in itself.

HAIR + SCALP TONIC | to nourish the hair and keep dry scalp flakes at bay.

EARTH TU FACE STICK | this takes care of the heavy lifting when it comes to chapped lips.

BROOKLYN BEACH WINTER SPRAY | to keep my sweet beach waves even when it’s 40 degrees out.  Kind of like have a fragrant beach party in a bottle.

EVANHEALY ROSE GERANIUM HYDRO | I spray directly to my face post cleanse and right before applying the shea butter.  This is the most moisturizing hydrosol I’ve ever tried.

RAW LOCAL HONEY | which serves as my mask twice weekly after exfoliating my face.  I’ve tried so many masks and always come back to pure raw honey for moisture and glow.

LA TIERRA SAGRADA TREATMET | I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is soft, shiny hair in a jar. It serves as my hair treatment before each washing around twice a week.  My hair has forgotten what the word dry even means.

SCHISANDRA | I toss this into my daily tonic and travel blend for its moisture retaining properties.  And it's ultra beautifying as well. 

TIPS | I always stay warm with my favorite scarf, wool socks, and only take slightly warm showers so as to keep the heat in my body, and not dry my skin further! 

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