La Tierra Sagrada

Three words:  La Tierra Sagrada.  Get ready to start seeing this product everywhere—especially here.  I met the soulful Stefani Padilla (creator) a month ago or so, and we finally got to truly connect over a few Moon Juice crackers to which she explained the deep medicine that goes into each one of her products.  From sacred plant Ayahuasca vine essence to the likes of Babassu oil, this is hands-down the most nourishing and pure hair treatment I’ve ever tried.  And not sort of nourishing or kind of nourishing, but super baby soft, ultra shine nourishing!

Following a stunning all-women’s New Moon ceremony hosted by Stefani and Kari of Poppy and Someday two weeks ago, I came home to massage my scalp and ends with the “Treatment”, tied it up in a silk scarf and went to bed.  Upon waking, I showered and let my hair air dry per usual.  Astonished, is an understatment, with how soft and shiny it was—and has been ever since.  In fact my hair hasn’t been this nourished since the fresh, clean waters of Brittany, France this past summer.  And nobody deals with the drying and damaging effects of LA water and dry climate more than me. 

Consider this treatment the answer to every person’s hair plight!  And unlike most pure products, it smells like a peppermint coconut creamy cookie had a baby with the best cake one can imagine.

Follow each wash with a few drops of La Tierra Sagrada Jojoba Oil and you’ll extend the time between trims by weeks (I even mix three drops with Sun Potion’s Shea Butter on my face at night for deep moisture).

True purity nerds such as myself can take a gander at the medicinal ingredients in La Tierra Sagrada products.  These will kiss your hair worries goodbye.

AYAHUASCA VINE SACRED PLANT | medicinal plants that open, strengthen and protect the hair. 

COCONUT OIL | conditions damaged hair, hydrating and soothing. 

BABASSU OIL | adds shine, smoothes, hydrates, protects from sun exposure.

MEADOWFOAM SEED OIL | seals in moisture.

VITAMIN E | antioxidant, adds moisture to dry split ends.

ROSEMARY & LAVENDER | adds shine, stimulates hair follicles, nourishes and soothes scalp irritations, moisturizes hair. 

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