Rose Oat Mylk

I’ve been staying away from nuts as of late because they were responsible for about 70% of my diet.  And though they are magical sources of nourishment, it was time I branch out a bit.  As a massive smoothie and tonic drinker, I do love having a creamy, raw, sprouted source of vitamins and minerals as the base of those creations. 

This brings me to always having a love for oats.  In high school they served as my breakfast most mornings due to my sweet dad making them.  Single, in my early twenties old East Hollywood brick apartment, they saved me when I had to dash off to meetings and auditions, and this past summer they were the superstar in the muesli we ate most mornings for breakfast in France.  So it would only be a matter of time before they crossed the threshold of making it into my smoothies.

I’ve been much busier since the launch of NATIVE and I’ve noticed my energy spreading a little thin and my nervous system getting a bit burnt out.  So among its other wonderful benefits, I couldn’t think of a better nervine than sprouted oats.  That brings us to this loving mylk recipe that nourishes your nervous system and creates a sense of well-being.


1 c of sprouted rolled oats

4 c of purified water

1 tsp of Royal Sense Bulgarian Rose Water

2 tbls Jerusalem Artichoke (low glycemic) | or sweetener of choice

PROCESS | soak one cup of oats in purified water overnight.  Drain and rinse.  Add oats and water to blender and blend on high for 40 seconds.  Strain through a milk bag into a bowl (I leave a bit of my pulp in mine for extra fiber but feel free to discard all of it if you don’t like that texture).  Add your strained milk back to your blender and pour rose water and sweetner into blender.  Blend for 20 seconds and pour into your glass container of choice. 

BONUS | if you’re feeling extra hippie, drop a cleaned rosequart crystal to the bottom to infuse some extra loving energy into it.   AND It’s especially nurturing and calming when you slightly warm your mylk (so as not to kill its raw properties), and add a bit of ashwagandha for heavenly calming bliss.

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