Holiday Wish list

Free and Native Christmas Wishlist

Here’s a true secret about me, I’m very sensitive to colors.  I’m a white, tan, gray, black, gold and brown girl.  I feel like a Swede trapped in an Irish body.  You might find the occasional navy blue floating around.  But again, it’s a solid and very rich.  This list is quite reflective of such.  

I had a harder time creating my Christmas wish list this year, than last, for when I reflect on 2014 I find it has been such an abundant and giving one.  I nearly have everything I want and need.  With that said, there are a few basic and sturdy staple pieces that I long for.  Here is the shortlist.

FERMENTING CROCK | because my batches have really outgrown the jar method by a lot, and there is something so rewarding about fermenting the old-fashioned way while adding a vintage inspired piece to my countertops, a crock is at the top of my list.  There is this brown one and this white one, but I'm afraid my heart is awfully set on this 5 gallon base, this lid, and these weights

SUEDE BIRKENSTOCKS | when I’m not wearing my Birkenstock clogs, or my black Arizona’s I’ll be living in these.  You really cannot have enough of your favorite pair of shoes—especially when the others are getting tattered.

ONE PIECE PAJAMAS | while I’m OBSESSED with Lauren Manoogian's Lounger, I still like the option of being generously sleeved.  And it will secretly always be a day outfit rather than pajamas.

LARGE CIRCLE EARRING | just one to replace the Kathleen Whitaker's large stick stud that I’ve lost 10,000 times and sweet Ryan has replaced 9,999 times.  I thought we’d switch it up a bit this time with her fresh new design?

MASON PEARSON DETANGLING WHITE BRUSH | my old one has numerous bristles missing from all the love it's received over the past ten years.  This will become its caring and always used protégé.

PEUGEOT PEPPER MILL | this, to me, is as cherishable as those pieces one receives as a wedding gift from their grandparents or great aunts, for it will outlast even the longest of marriages in quality and best designed pepper mill.

SMALL PEARL RING | I can’t help but love all things circular, brass, and dainty.

TWO PROOFING BASKETS | because every week I have one sourdough bread that looks shaped and beautiful with perfect coils while the other two are frumpy and lopsided.

JAPANESE SHEARS | to forage locally without the embarrassment of carting around bold orange supply store scissors. 

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